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Hi all:) Thanks for checking out the profile!

If you add me to your Watch list, I will add you! Also, give a llama, get a llama =)

Writing is my true love, whilst art is merely my lover~~~ So, since 2006 I have been working with a friend on an original novel. I do the words and some of the drawings, and he does the larger drawings. Someday, someday:) Dramatic realist-fantasy fiction is my favorite subject to write. Here on dA, I submit all sorts of stuff, as my gallery will show.

After writing, pen and ink traditional work and digital art takes up most of my time. I enjoy gaming, but don't much anymore. RPG's are my preferred genre, with The Witcher, Elder Scrolls and Final Fantasy being my favorites. Oh, and I'm a gag-me fangirl of Sephiroth *sighs*

My baby, Little Miss MaGoo is the most precious kitty ever. Ever. EVER. E.V.E.R. Check her out in my gallery!

I'm a fave-whore and not much for commenting.

People without imaginations are some of the saddest bunch around. It sticks to them like a leech upon the mouth; you cannot help but sneak looks and think, 'Ew, oh, that poor thing.'

Hm, what else? I love to make people laugh by inserting deadpan sarcasm into otherwise serious conversations. I do this in text too, but it doesn't always translate; just know if you read something that sounds a bit mean, that I'm probably kidding. If I'm unhappy with something, I'm very straightforward about it, the distinction is clear.

(Avatar is courtesy of the band Blithe, album art for Verse Chorus Verse)

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~A Song of Fire and Ice: A Game of Thrones~ (George R. R. Martin)

When a friend of mine told me that the show was coming close to (or had already surpassed) the content in the books, my jaw dropped.

Now that I've finally read the first book...well, I'm no longer surprised.

Martin goes to such lengths to describe the environments, the clothing, and features of people that he seems to leave little room for anything else. Other than actual characters, of which there seem to be no end, and almost all of which seem to lack any actual character (and I don't mean being inherently good or bad).

With the multiple main characters, it was a bit of a trial to recall everything from one chapter to the next, to see if things were related or what not; however, I don't mind that. I enjoy complexity, and I really like when things start to appear and tie back to things already read.

Going back to the descriptions again, while I thought much of it was interesting, if I have a choice between hearing about what 'Ser WhoTheFuckCaresHe'sMentionedOneTimeButGetsFiveHundredWordsOfDescription' and having said five-hundred words applied to dialogue and character-building, there's no contest.

Additionally, the lack of dialogue in a book this size is astonishing. Between this and the over-description, I almost got the feeling that Martin isn't truly invested in his characters. It's a bit hard to explain, and perhaps I'm more sensitive to this, being that I write stories that tend to focus so much on the characters that I admittedly neglect environments, settings, and descriptions...but all the same, there needs to be at least a semblance of balance, and that was lacking.

For example, telling me every detail about the Stark's home, 'Winterfell', does not really make me care too much about the Stark's. I don't form a connection knowing how many their dining table can seat, or how their crypt has multiple levels (nor who's in the crypt, tbh). These are interesting things, yes, but without more of the Stark's words, their actions, their thoughts, their scruples, their beliefs - in essence, their personalities - they, and most of the other characters in this book, are utterly forgettable.

All the same, I did find enough little things interesting, and a couple of characters intriguing enough to keep turning the page. Martin does seem to have a wicked sense of humor, when he decides to show it, and he proved he had suspense, something I find tough to write, down pat - once I even caught myself holding my breath. I also respect that he has the guts to kill characters that are in major roles.

After I wrote out the above, and decided that I would rate the book 2.5 of 5 stars overall, I went to Amazon and read some 3 star reviews.  I just felt the need to address a few things I saw over and over in them.

Granted, I'm coming into the series late, so I don't know what the first presses of the book said - did it include 'book one', or was it simply 'A Song of Fire and Ice: A Game of Thrones'?  I'm presuming the book was marketed from the off as a series, so when I kept seeing people complaining how so many things weren't resolved...I just have to shrug.  True, it's annoying when you read a book and wait two to five years to find out what happens next, as opposed to a television series where you might wait six to nine months, but all the same - it's a series, not a standalone.

Secondly, I kept seeing 'explicit sex, omg!'  Really?  Where?  I wasn't reading reviews of the five books, I was reading the reviews for solely book one, and I saw nothing that I would describe as explicit.  TBH, I was a bit put off - so many words, and so little lent to not just sex, but desire and attraction and affection as a whole.

And then, complaints of how 'X age doesn't act this way!', for example, complaining of thirteen(?) year old Sansa Stark.  What is confusing about this?  Medieval times, anyone?  Along with beheadings and heads on pikes and castles and horses and swords, one thing that remained constant when I read or heard about medieval times, or stories with that theme, was how the women were young; be it their families or themselves, hopeful to be married as soon as it was possible to have children.  It was a different time.  And, really, in one facet anyhow, that time is now coming back around: how often do you hear 'babies having babies'?  I knew six people in my high school graduating class who had children over the age of three, and that was...well, a lot of years ago.  I see my niece, who is barely 18 now, and just had her THIRD child.

A few other reviewers stated Martin wasn't writing fantasy, he was writing historical fiction, and that made me laugh.  However, I will say that much of what the collective 'we' considers fantasy was either entirely absent, or sorely lacking.  On the other hand, does fantasy HAVE to have Elves and Halflings, swords and magic, dragons and unicorns on every page to make it such?  Rhetorical and unanswerable question, I know.

So anyhow, I've even started the second book, A Clash of Kings, despite my complaints with the first.  I have to say, 'Kings' has a distinctly poorer Prologue compared to the 'Thrones', but true to himself, Martin then goes on to give easily a hundred words to the description of a table, but I'm digressing now.

Good thing I read fast - 'Thrones' took me 20 hours over the course of a week of casual reading, so I'll give 'Kings' the time as well.

To note: I've seen the first five episodes of the show, back when they were new, and was utterly bored by it, except for that fantastic first five minutes of the pilot episode.  I'll give the series another go when I've finished the books...maybe:)

Thanks for reading!
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