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Hi all:) Thanks for checking out the profile! I exchange Llamas and +Watch =)

Writing is my true love, whilst art is merely my lover < story of my life! I've been creating stories since before I learned how to write. In 2006 I began working on an original novel...which has since grown to a five-book series, all at various stages of completion. I create the worlds, the characters, the stories, and do a small amount of illustration, portraiture mostly, and am lucky enough to have a partner in crime who does all the remaining illustration.

My writing is a slow and messy process, and (can you believe it) publishers prefer books to be finished before publishing (pfft XD ), but all's good. Everything I write, posted here or not, is because I feel the desire to give life to words, and when others read my works, then I hope they enjoy, end of. Publishing of my WiP-series will happen when I feel the stories are ready, and not a moment sooner =)

Dramatic realist-fantasy fiction is my favorite subject to write. Here on dA, I submit allllll sorts of stuff, as my gallery will show.

After writing, art takes up most of my time (digital and traditional). I've always been a big gamer, but don't much anymore (still pick up games now and again though, can't help myself!). RPG's are my thing, with The Witcher, Final Fantasy, and The Elder Scrolls series being my favorites. Oh, and I'm a gag-me fangirl of Sephiroth :D

I encourage you to go meet my baby, Little Miss MaGoo, the most precious kitty ever. Ever. EVER. E.V.E.R. Check her out in my gallery and fall in love >>…

Hmm, what else? Oh, here on dA, I'm a fave-whore and not much for commenting. And lastly, I just gotta say, I feel people without imaginations are some of the saddest bunch around. It sticks to em like a leech upon the mouth; you can't help but sneak looks and think, 'Ew, oh, that poor thing.'

(Avatar is courtesy of the band Blithe, album art for Verse Chorus Verse)
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Last night I hit the 25,000 mark on the 50,000 word count goal for November!  Considering I didn't technically begin my current project, Verloren, until the 7th day - I'd written one chapter, then tossed it entirely and started over - I am seriously proud of myself.  I'm a slow writer, in part because I often don't encourage my enthusiasm by writing every day or every other (even though I know that's the best way for me to get going), and partly because I am an edit-whore and constantly read through and add/fix/remove/etc., which takes a ton of time in itself.

After finishing the first section on the seventh, I started scrolling back to reread, then stopped myself.  No.  If I went there, I'd spend an entire day, maybe even two, dithering around with it.  So I moved on.

And so it has continued like that.  It is SO HARD not to reread!  The only times I have is when I think I've already mentioned a particular fact or what not, and peek to see, and that's not been often.  At the same time, it's creating this dread/anticipation/excitement amalgam for when November ends.  If I've not finished Verloren by then (and I'm betting it's unlikely, but hoping I do), should I go back and reread and edit then, or wait until I've finished the book entirely?  What if my continuity is blowing goats?  What if I haven't stayed in-character from section to section for my new chars?  What if I hate my new chars?  On the good side, I'm eager to read some good passages and dialogue, because for all the editing I do, I know they're in there.  As for giving in to my inner edit-whore, I have to say I've stuck to that pretty damn good too; I owe that to not rereading, mostly.  Only when I've had to add something that I've felt is important have I scrolled back.

Something else new for me - I am writing in chronological order.  I mentioned in another journal I was doing this, but I don't think I said that...I have never done this - not even with Spill Division (I simply am able to post the chapters in order, that doesn't mean they're written that way, heh).  I love to skip around, find the exciting/violent/sexy/dramatic parts and get those out of my head, and then go back, filling in all the rest (and sometimes ending up with another e/v/s/d scene).  It doesn't make for a very coherent narrative unless you're me, and know what occurs in the time gaps between chapters.  But after my sister asked to read my NaNo work, finished or not, I decided it needed to be written chronologically.  I don't want her confused and frustrated when reading it, particularly as she'll be doing 72 hour chemo infusions (seriously, wtf?  72 hours of that shit at a time?) every ten days, starting tomorrow, and bloody miserable enough as-is.

Anyway, if you're doing NaNo this year, I hope you're kicking ass!  I turned off the word count on my MS Word, because once I hit 10k, I realized I kept looking down there every time a new page began.  Turning it off helped me put my focus back where it belongs - on the story.

I've followed NaNo for many years, but this is my first time participating, as I think I've mentioned elsewhere.  I wish I'd started participating back then, but I'm glad I am now, and proud, of both myself and my fellow writers!  

Come see me on NaNo's site!…

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